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4 x 30 mins sessions



12 x 30 min sessions


Plant Medicine Integration

Are you working with plant medicines and want support to integrate all you are learning and moving through with in this journey. I am hear to listen to you and hold space whist you process. Offering gentle pointing and suggestive guidance, as you work through the inner realms of your psyche.

Shadow Integration Work 

On the path of heart/unity consciousness all is Self and that includes the shadow and by integrating our shadow aspects we can find wholeness. Together we will delve into any fractured or disconnected aspects of your being to bring it back into the whole through compassion forgiveness and love. 


Relating to Other

Changing the way we relate to others, by no longer seeing separation but opportunities to grow. Working from a unity consciousness mindset walking the path of heart we can transform all situations and the way we relate. Moving form co-dependancy or avoidant tendencies to healthy loving relationships.

Ceremony Facilitator Training

Step into your service, and be held as you learn what it is to hold space for yourself and others, how to create ceremonial spaces, work with plant medicines, sound, Spirit and the Sacred. Learn how to activate your voice as a healing tool along with sound healing instruments; drums rattles, crystal singing bowls and light language.

Shine your light

Stand on your platform and shine your message out into the world, creating your personal brand, marketing and creating abundance from what you love.

Specialising in

Understanding everyone is on their own path and have specific needs I work with everyone as an individual and through our discovery we can find what will best serve you and your journey


Yogic Life Coaching

It all about the perspective from which we perceive the world, the big question... who am I? Together we delve into what this truth is for you and how to align and embody this into your reality. Working through deprograming beliefs from our past, family units and social conditioning to uncover what is real for you and how to move forward to be a full expression of this.