Micro-dosing is consuming a small amount of Psilocybin Mushroom less than 0.3g. The idea is to connect with the innate intelligence of the mushroom without experiencing a full on psychedelic 'trip'. It is a wonderful way to connect into the space over a prolonged period of time so the psilocybin can enter the system and do its work without major disruptions to our daily live, creating an opportunity for steady, well integrated change to occur.

Reported benefits of Micro-dosing:

🍄  Increased Creativity

🍄  Increased sense of wellbeing

🍄  Increased productivity and concentration

🍄  A better understanding of Self and ones place in the universe



Six week supportive container

Are you ready to tap into your deep psyche, to connect to your innate nature? To move beyond what ever is keeping you from being a full expression of your magnificence

Want someone to walk by your side?

Our first session will be one hour where together we shall create a container based on your values and intentions. We shall continue with a weekly session to help you navigate and integrate your experiences.

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For more information email: microdose.coach@gmail.com

Work one on one with me in person or via zoom

Offered in weekly 40 min sessions: Free discovery call | 5 week container £550 | 3 months container £997 | 6 months  container £1,997

(you will be requited to source your own medicine this offer is for coaching support only)