Taking a larger dose of psilocybin mushrooms to journey into Self and connect deeply with your inner wisdom and the innate intelligence of the mushrooms. This can be done one on one or with a small group. It is advised to connect with your guide prior to the ceremony to discuss your intentions and any medical or psychological issues. You will be advised on how to prep both emotionally and physically for your upcoming experinece.

What to expect:

🍄 The ceremony is generally 4-6 hours, with an opening orientation and a closing integration.

You will be invited to lie down, get comfortable and wear eye covering, enabling you to travel deep into your own inner world.

🍄 Music and sounds will be played to support the journey.

🍄 Guides will be on hand to help when needed

🍄Once the ceremony is complete there will be a light meal to help ground and time to share and integrate

After ceremony integration:

To continue the process and fully integrate the experience we shall stay connected for five weeks through weekly 30 minute sessions, you are invited to continue with micro-dosing during this time if you feel so called.