Ahisha Das

Certified NLP and Yogic Life Coach  | Micro-dose Wellness Coach | Retreat Centre Wellness Manager | Ayahuasca Guardian | Kirtan Leader | Student of Adlerian & Jungian Psychology | Cacao Facilitator and Facilitator Trainer | Practitioner of Adviata Yoga | Kambo Practitioner | CEO House of Cacao | Vocal Activation Coach | Sound healer 


A practitioner of Advaita Vedanta and Bhakti Yoga, Ahisha has spent many years studying spirituality, religion, alternative medicine, psychology, sound therapy, reiki, quantum theory and plant medicine. Working as a healer and plant medicine facilitator, for large retreat centres as well as specialised one to one and group settings. She has assisted hundreds of people on their transformational journeys.

Her own personal transformational journey started at the end of 2011 after a very outwardly successful twenty year career in Media, Design, Advertising and Music. Depression had taken hold and inside she was empty and suicidal, suffering from addiction and unhealed, repressed childhood trauma. Her own healing journey brought her many incredible teachers and much wisdom, as the old saying goes those who need to heal learn to become healers.

Starting with mindfulness training and a trip to India to learn meditation, she soon moved into Reiki energy healing and working with sound and crystal singing bowls. Experiencing a spontaneous Kundalini awakening in mid 2013 started a chain reaction of rapid transformation through states of conscious awareness, completely shattering her once firmly held belief system on the whole nature of reality. 

Completing training with Kambo frog medicine she embarked on what was to be a four year service to this Spirit and healing modality, leading hundreds of ceremonies and conducting supportive integration work for clients who came to sit with her. This path brought her to the rainforest of Costa Rica to spend a year living with a plant medicine community/retreat centre learning about and assisting with Ayahuasca. Focusing a lot of attention to integration work as well as holding ceremonial space. At the end of 2017 Spirit guided her to take a break from all plant medicine to integrate what she had learned.

In this space she embarked on the Bhakti yoga path, training to lead kirtan alongside delving deep into the work of healing addiction and childhood trauma that leads to addiction. Herself having come through a 12 step recovery program. Feeling all things are connected, change can only be possible when one is ready to let go of everything to create space for the unimaginable to be imagined.

Returning to Costa Rica in 2018, Ahisha has persisted on a path of service, moving into a shamanic, ashramic community to pursue a life in alignment to self inquiry, the teachings of Ramana Maharshi and non-duality (Advaita Vedanta). Continuing to teach, vocal activation, cacao facilitator training along with supportive integration counselling whilst merging deeper into satsang, stillness, fasting and micro-dosing protocols.

Once again living within a Plant Medicine retreat centre, holding space, offering counsel and support for guests as they integrate. Ahisha is committed to a life of service, striving to embody the highest aspects of her own self, to serve as a reflection and guide for others to do the same.