If you are 100% committed to transforming your situation, doing what it takes and fully showing up I am 100% commited to walking by your side and seeing you achieve your dreams.

What is a coaching container?

Together we set an energetic container for you to feel safe and held as you venture into the realms of your own psyche. We establish agreements and during our first one hour session we get clear on why you want to micro-dose, what is going on for you in your current life and what you want to shift, change or discover with in yourself with the aid of plant medicine.

I am then there to check in with you on a weekly basis to discuss what is going on, what has come up for you and give you reflections and tools on how to navigate your way staying in alignment to your original intentions.

We work on the basis that you are already whole, creative and complete and that nothing else is needed but for you to remember and realise who you already are when you can let go of any false beliefs or programming that has led you to believe otherwise.

Through self inquiry, and radicle honesty we can truly see what is there, what is holding you back and how to make real change in your psyche that can then translate into how you show up for your life.

What others are saying...
Testimonial from Sanne

Corey - Costa Rica

Sophia Owner of Kundalini Coaching

Testimonial from Sanne

Sanne Løvendahl Kaiser - Denmark

Liam Brown - Manchester, England

Joanna Barnes - England

Iara - Costa Rica @wild.whisperer

Justin Yves Hiskett - LONDON

Ahisha has provided me with inspirational support. Focusing on my values, there sources and using them to develop intentions to enact in the real world. Her professional and loving approach has given me the tools with which to grow in the direction I wish. Thank you

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